7 Benefits of Farm to Preschool

September 25, 2018

At Dogwood Lane Children’s Academy, we believe that a healthy start is the best start.

We source from many local farmers in our menu to follow the farm to school program.

There are many benefits of this program, including:

1. More nutritious meals.
It might seem obvious that healthy meals produce healthy children — and that schools should want more healthy kids. Unfortunately, in spite of our knowledge of the benefits of eating right, many children still eat lunches that are high in sugar, fats, and other ingredients that aren’t healthy. More nutritious meals give children more energy, fewer health issues, and better cognitive ability. It’s important that children eat nutritious meals.

2. Teaches children how to eat healthily.
The farm to preschool program not only provides children with good food to eat now, but also teaches them how to eat healthily for life. It sets them up on a pattern — especially when reinforced at home — that helps set them up for long-term healthy eating success.

3. Fights childhood obesity.
According to the CDC, nearly 20% of children are obese. As we teach children to eat more healthily, we are helping to fight the national problem and reverse the trend toward American obesity.

4. Education alongside nutrition.
One of the keystones of the farm to preschool program is the educational component. Farmers and local food source providers are invited into the schools as part of the educational curriculum to help teach children how to farm and create their own food.

5. Teaches children to value farmers.
Farmers are unsung heroes. The farm to preschool program teaches children to value farmers and the unique benefit they bring to our way of life.

6. Sustainability
Fresh grown food is better for the environment. By leveraging locally-sourced food sources, we’re helping make our planet a better place.

7. It’s really delicious food!
Farm-grown food often has more flavor (and requires less additives) than it’s commercial counterparts. It’s fun & yummy so kids will actually like to eat it.

According to the National Farm to School Network:
“Farm to early care and education enriches the connection communities have with fresh, healthy food and local food producers by enhancing food purchasing and education practices in early care and education settings. Farm to early care and education activities expose young children to healthy, local foods through meals and snacks, taste tests, lessons, cooking activities, gardening, field trips, farmer visits and more. These activities not only promote health, wellness and important hands-on educational opportunities, but also increase access to healthy foods, encourage and support family engagement, provide additional market opportunities for farmers and support thriving communities.”

We’re proud to offer a farm to preschool program at Dogwood Lane Children’s Academy. It’s just one of the many ways we’re putting the wellbeing of the whole child first!

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