• It is our mission to prepare our students to succeed in today’s world. Using the creative curriculum as our framework, we are able to focus on 21st-century learning. This means we emphasize the “4 C’s”; Critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Every lesson is planned with these concepts in mine. We believe in the importance of family engagement in early learning, therefore we communicate what is happening in the classroom with our families so we can all be on the same page, and the maximum amount of learning can occur. Parents receive weekly academic updates and log in to see daily pictures and videos of their child’s day.
    Heavily influenced by the Montessori method and the Reggio Emilia approach, we use our extra large classrooms to take a hands-on approach to engage students in experiments, risk-taking, discussion, and critical thinking. Through project-based learning, we are helping mold our students into innovators, collaborators, and problem solvers.
    And Dogwood Lane, we believe that one on one attention is critical and every child’s development on journey. That is why we have created a program to ensure that each child is able to work individually with a teacher. Our “curriculum army” works passionately to constantly create new one on one lessons for students to learn from. This enables us to push each child to their absolute potential. You won’t find this kind of attention anywhere else!